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Buffalo Sewer Authority
General Contractor:

Mark Cerrone, Inc.
Buffalo, NY
Soldier Piles and Lagging, Micropiles
As part of a city, state, and national initiative to reduce 
untreated waste water discharge and upgrade aging combined sewer systems, CSO 26 was designed and constructed to mitigate those problems on one of Buffalo’s main sewer lines. The project was located in the city’s First Ward neighborhood along Smith Street and passing underneath Interstate 290. Ferraro mobilized to the site in October 2016 to begin soldier pile and lagging installation. Over the course of several work phases, support of excavations were constructed for launching pits, valve chambers, and overflow structures. Holes were drilled through wet clays and temporarily cased to rock. A 24” down-the- hole percussive air hammer was used to drill out as much of 10’ of rock in each soldier pile. Uncontrollable ground water forced the holes to be poured via a tremie method by displacing water with concrete from bottom to top. Once all support of excavation had been installed and excavation complete, the final phase of Ferraro’s work was to
install micropiles to support the main overflow structure.

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